Tips Followed When Writing the Best Novel

24 Sep

Writing a novel is a process. Therefore, you should be ready for an idea because you may not realize it when it comes. Hence, be on the lookout, and if you get the idea, then you note it down. For the novel to be read by many people which means that the sales would be much, then it has to be interesting. Thus, you need tips on how to write the best captivating novel which might sell much.

You should consider determining this kind of novel you need to write. There are many genres to write about which means that you have to select one for your novel. These are examples of the novel genres you may write about, the science fiction, mystery, adventure, fantasy, mythology, comedy tragedy, and romance. All the genres are read, but it should be an exciting story. Choosing a genre of your novel helps you to focus on the ideas on what to write about.

When writing a novel you have to consider the setting of the story. The time for the story should be determined. Sometimes a novel can be present while others can be some other set time. Some people set the novel on a story based on the places they know while others use some made up places. Some novels happen on earth while others create an imaginary world where the story happens. Consequently, the setting is essential when setting the story because it gives the story the sense of where it is happening and at what time where the reader can get carried away. Know more about writing at

A good novel has characters. Whether you use two, three or many characters, you need to create a vivid picture of how they look like and identify their desires and goals and fears in your novel. Each character has a role to play in your story.  The characters are the ones the reader will be interested in. The characters have to face a conflict whether from other characters or nature. The characters can be likable while others unlikable and that is how conflict is developed in a story.

You should consider visualizing these plots of your novel. You need a captivating novel, and thus, you should be cautious when developing the plot because it can create or break your novel. Therefore, you need to read several plots from different books for you to identify the best plot for your novel. There is no written rule on how the plot should look like, but it should be captivating leaving the reader with suspense to read your novel to get more info about your characters.

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